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Vivre A l'Anglaise!....CPF anglais Rennes   

Top 5 tips for learning english

1/Make it fun

Learning english doesn't have to be boring. Honest! Watch films in original version (use the audio button on your TV remote control), listen to your favourite music or english-speaking radio stations and read articles on subjects that interest you.

If you're enjoying yourself, you'll learn without even noticing!!

2/Do a little everyday

So you find learning english really difficult? Learning english is like climbing a mountain: it's a daunting prospect when you're standing at the bottom so take it step by step! A little everyday adds up to a lot. Remember, learning english is not rocket science, it's just a question of practice so if you're really motivated, you'll be fine. is great for this.

3/Get away from the books

If you have a good understanding of written english but find it hard to understand when a native talks to you, you're not alone! Reading is great for learning vocabulary but not for understanding spoken english. So focus on listening and practice talking when you can.

4/Catch up with the natives

Start up a conversation with a native speaker or listen to a film in original version. Now listen. Really listen! Copy the words, mimic the sounds and repeat.

5/Keep it up

Learning english is not like riding a bike. If you don't keep learning you will loose it quickly.... so keep going! 


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